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That sweater tho.

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One of the more under appreciated aspects about firearms is that they can be an excellent platform for craftsmanship skills like engraving and woodworking; essentially a blank canvas. Guns can be functional pieces of art; but there is a downside. All that work comes at “art” like prices. Some of the examples in the photo range in price from $5,000 up to $75,000.

If you have the bank account for one, all of these guns are for sale at Great Lake Sporting Arms.

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Through the thick Mississippi forest.


Hammerin’ Hank.

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New portrait work from Omar Victor Diop, clearly influenced by Seydou Keita ; )

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We sat down with Michael Bastian for a little chat at Strand Bookstore for The Block.

Mr Bastian.

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Missing pieces

French artist Bruno Catalano displayed ten life-size, figurative sculptures at the port of Marseille. Inspired by travel, his surreal bronze sculptures represent a world citizen who’s in search of his or her own missing pieces.

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